Buffy Sainte-Marie on Okawimaw askiy


Buffy Sainte-Marie fits into the ethos of my zine perfectly. The point of this magazine is to talk about artists that I admire that champion a cause using art and music to engender this change.

Buffy is an artist that provokes memories of my childhood days. She is a visual artist, singer, songwriter, activist and pacifist. She is an advocate for the protection of this planet and its peoples and her music and words certainly shout this out.

I had the extreme honour and pleasure of photographing Buffy on her latest world tour to promote her thought provoking album – Power in the Blood. The venue was the Brooklyn Bowl at the 02 (worthy of a mention, for it relaxed and informal atmosphere).

The audience were fairly relaxed and laid back; certainly not  the  usual crowds that I am used to. They waited eagerly for Buffy’s stage entrance and when…

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