Alternative Yule Music Calendar

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Yuletide greetings to you all here is your free gift from M-Band and AeonZine. Enjoy. Happy holidays. m band

M-Band – Musical genius from the land of fire and ice.

M-Band, Hörður Már Bjarnason is a solo artist who has the capacity to pierce the living soul with his haunting melodies and electronic compositions. He is a talented musician, ingenious vocalist and a classically trained pianist. The music of M-Band contains essences of Belgian techno, ambient dance with threads of world music woven through it.

His amazing music truly captivates the listener and the audio experience is one that will stay with you for a very long time. This man is an artist that despite being relatively new in the music scene, is certainly erupting into the arena and creating huge Icelandic waves. In my opinion he is the next monumental act to come out of Iceland after Bjork.

He has already caught the attention of Radio One and dominates the reviews of the music events where he plays. He is set for great things and is a unique act that is certain to dominate the centre stage at future festivals.