The Brand New Zero’s

The Brand New Zero’s are supporting Elvis Costello on his sell out tour this week. They are a four piece band whose music deals with the reality of life and emotion. You may recognise several members of this band from the London Irish band the BibleCode Sundays.

When I caught up with the band on a promotional video shoot you could hear that The Brand New Zero’s sound is unique,  raw and Blues edged, yet contemporary.  Although their  music has accents of the Blues, but you wouldn’t just call it the Blues you would however call them The Brand New Zero’s.

I look forward to covering the gig at Oxford!

Do look out for the release of their new album, its out soon.

Brand New Zero's

Brand New Zero’s

SHHH one day festival of music

SHHH the quiet music festival returns to Hampstead for its eighth consecutive year for what promises to be a day of ethereal seamless harmonies and a celebration of everything that is exquisite about music. There will be no ear-splitting audio dynamite here, just beautiful sounds to drift away and engender a sense of calm – in this sometimes, harsh world.

Among the festivals line up are Wooden Arms, they offer a fusion of mesmerizing folk harmonies blended flawlessly with classic chamber music, that will warm the coldest of hearts. Pip Mountjoy she is divine and delivers beautifully played acoustic guitar melodies that  co-habitate with her defiant and bold lyrical style. The Americana-Folk style of the Lowpines present  a hauntingly beautiful repertoire, that borders on the melancholy but never quite gets there as there, as the harmonies carry you on an uplifting, warm emotive journey.

Judging by the three acts I have explored, the one-day festival will be a great place to be for an immersion of the self into a mesmerizing musical utopia. And at £17 pounds in advance or £20 pounds on the door it seems a nominal price to pay for 15 accomplished acts and artists.

The date of this event is 31 January 2015.