The Brand New Zero’s

The Brand New Zero’s are supporting Elvis Costello on his sell out tour this week. They are a four piece band whose music deals with the reality of life and emotion. You may recognise several members of this band from the London Irish band the BibleCode Sundays.

When I caught up with the band on a promotional video shoot you could hear that The Brand New Zero’s sound is unique,  raw and Blues edged, yet contemporary.  Although their  music has accents of the Blues, but you wouldn’t just call it the Blues you would however call them The Brand New Zero’s.

I look forward to covering the gig at Oxford!

Do look out for the release of their new album, its out soon.

Brand New Zero's

Brand New Zero’s

Proud and Shy!

The Proud Camden is an intimate venue bathed in lambent blue light, that played host to the Shy Project on Wednesday evening. The ambience was perfect for an evening of exquisite vocals and meaningful lyrics. The artists put on an eclectic show of R&B and Dance music that certainly impressed the mid-week audience. Each artist sang roughly a 20 minute set to showcase what they were all about – they were certainly talented; each artist, in fact, were sui generis, every one unique in their approach to music. They all displayed a love and enthusiasm for what they do.

Supporting MikeShy were the artists Florieme – her lyrics were soulful and she reached the high notes impeccably, delivering a contemporary jazz folk fusion of music, along with her acoustic guitar man. Sheanne Breas’ heavenly vocals captivated the cozy audience as she soulfully expressed every note. Will Hatton was incredible to watch and to listen to – I have seen many drummers and some of them among the best in the world, this guy was not only a drummer but a showman with it. He was dancing with the drumsticks, throwing them in the air and not missing a single beat.

MikeShy was the last act. He is the co-founder of a music art form that is known as The Shy Project. MikeShy has  grown up with  condition called Chlosteatoma – that has caused permanent deafness in one ear. He has not let this deter him from his love of music in fact rather than give in to this condition he chose to embrace it, drawing inspiration from the wellspring of experiences and emotion, this is evident when you see him perform and hear the soulful lyrics. MikeShy is totally at one with his music. It was short set, but full of intense emotion each note was pitch perfect interlaced with catchy riffs whilst evocative melodies cobwebbed the mise-en-scene.

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MikeShys ‘Graveyard Shift’ will be released on the 31st of January on ITunes and and E.P called ‘Escape’  will be released in the next couple of weeks. When I asked MikeShy about the impending E.P he told me that it represents a musical embodiment of his minds journey throughout the duration of the anaesthetic: MikeShy has had six operations under general anaesthetic. He is certainly gifted as he writes, sings and co-produces. This guy is certain to go far and definitely one to watch out for.