The Power of Lanois – in retrospect

Well I hold my hands up, had I heard of Daniel Lanois? The answer was no! Well I hadn’t but what an impressive musical history this man has.

Lanois is an established recording artist in his own right. although he is probably best known as a producer to such artists as Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris and Brian Eno.  He also produced albums for U2 this includes the album The Joshua Tree.

Daniel has won seven Grammy awards and been nominated for a further four… Impressive credentials, most definitely.

I walked into the packed arena not quite knowing what to expect. The crowd were not your typical saturday night rockers. In fact they were rather an eclectic bunch – pretty quiet too. But once Lanois started playing I could hear why. This man mesmerised the crowd with his eclectic musical style that was somewhere between  country, tribal, rock and rave. I couldn’t quite put my finger on the sound – but did I need to? I think not. His music spoke for itself. the trippy visual extravaganza in the background only added to the experience.

I didn’t know this guy, but, oh boy! Did I know his music. His musical influence is so great that his set (a pretty ad hoc one, so his keyboard player told me) seemed familiar. Rolling Stone called Daniel Lanois the ‘most important record producer to emerge in the eighties.”

I can honestly say that I was moved to tears during his performance. He played the steel guitar beautifully and a dreamlike ambience filled the auditorium.

An eclectic performance that went from the almost angelic to electronic drum machines and white noise crashing down strangely reminiscent of a 90’s Spiral Tribe event.

The Encore was beautiful Lanois and the band were joined by Rocco DeLuca and performed DeLuca’s track Congretate – it was this that drew me to tears… This was an experience I am unlikely to forget.

Lanois music has both energy and power. He is a man that is totally at one with whatever instrument he chooses to play. I came away in total awe of this guy, that hid beneath the peak of his baseball cap most of the night.

I can only apologise for the lateness of this review. but it is something where I just did not know where to start… Now thats a first!

Daniel Lanois  at Islington Assembly Hall London on 14 April 2015

Aeons update

Well peeps! I haven’t posted much recently, barely anything at all. However I have been a busy little dancing photographer bee and have actually covered many events. Here is a quick sneaky peek at one of my reviews that will be online in the next few days.

I am sure you will enjoy the images and the write ups.

Anyway! I have covered the amazing Stranglers and they were certainly one of the greatest bands I have ever seen. The fantastic Dave Barbarossa and Cauldronated, the superb Wooden Arms and the incandescent band Desperate Journalist were all brilliant and either have write ups or photo reviews.

I also have an album review, but for now here is a teaser image. It is the enigmatic Jean-Jacques Burnel of the Stranglers.

Oh yes! signing off for now.

Nadine The Dancing Photographer

My own art practice and the meaning behind the dark clown.

I was recently interviewed by Australian playwright and maker of theatre Peta Lily about my own art practices. Here is a link to that interview. Please enjoy reading as much as I enjoyed doing. Below is a link to the interview.


My Alternative Yule Calendar

Here today I start my Yule calendar of music. Each track will be chosen for its powerful content or its forward thinking, to help effect positive change.

This is my first track it is from one of my favourite artists Moby. This track is called “In This World.” It is a subjective track as all art and music is.  For me this track talks about many things, but the message is look around you and love while you can. Don’t let people suffer and cherish life.

Remember Yule is a time of togetherness and reflection. Seasons greetings.